McKennaii Magic Mushrooms – 3.5 to 28 g



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The McKennaii Magic Mushrooms are probably named after Tercence McKenna. Although there are rumors that it’s not! Their spores are inoculated by mixing two strains.  These psilocyb cubensis mushrooms come in dark brown caps with an odd shape and thick sturdy stems.


The McKennaii are reported to be a very strong strain with visuals.

Psychedelics Harm Reduction Recommendations

We strongly recommend you to carefully read SHAFAA’s Knowledge page, Dosage Guidelines, or other valid references not to get overdosed and hence, a bad trip and experience.

SHAFAA offers psychedelics coaching sessions (15 and 30 min). The session is facilitated in a text chat format and you can add them to your cart at the time of your purchase. The session is offered by our in-house seasoned psychedelics coach and healer.


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